Wariruri Condos Aruba

Wariruri Condos Aruba

Things to do in Aruba!

things to do in aruba

Are you planning your vacation and would you like some travel tips? What are the things to do in Aruba and the places to go?

Things to do in Aruba!

  1. Beaches

    Aruba offers you a variety of beautiful dazzling sandy beaches. From Druif Beach to Eagle Beach and Palm Beach to Malmok. Aruba has almost 7 miles of white sandy beaches and clear blue waters!
    Near the California Lighthouse the beaches are great for swimming and snorkeling, like Arashi beach.

    The beaches on the west coast, north of Oranjestad are the most popular beaches for tourists. If you rent an apartment in Aruba, this is the area where you want to stay. Near Palm Beach and Eagle Beach. Wariruru condos is only minutes away from the best beaches in Aruba!

    The beaches on the east coast, like Bachelor’s Beach, Black Stone Beach and Boca Andicuri have stronger currents and larger waves. Windsurfers and kitesurfers can tackle the swells. The beaches in the southeast are less populated. Favorite is Baby Beach, great for inexperienced swimmers because of its shallow basin and calm waters.

  2. Dive Sites

    Aruba is famous for its amazing wreck diving. Plane fuselages, cargo ships and sunken vessels are the attractions of the ocean. The Antillia is one of the largest wrecks of the Caribbean and Aruba’s most popular dive. Lying between Arashi beach and Malmok.
    The best reef dive sites are Skalahein Reef, Plonco Reef ans Mas Bango Reef. They are also excellent for snorkeling. You will find a lot of Dive schools on the island where you can get your Padi license.

    snorkling and diving in aruba

  3. Catamaran trip

    Experience a unique sailing adventure along Aruba’s beautiful coastline. Glide through the warm, clear, blue water while zipping a glass mimosa and dolphins play along side the boat. You will make snorkel stops and spot angel fish, damsel fish, octopuses, sea fans and coral. You will have breakfast or lunch on the boat and experience an amazing day on the water.
    Aruba is not all about beaches and water sports, there are a lot of other things to do in Aruba during your vacation.

  4. UTV Offroad Experience Tour

    Drive your own 4×4 and explore the island off road. The east coast of Aruba has a bumpy terrain into the Arikok National Park. Stop to see the island attractions like Fuente Bridge and the Indian Caves. Have a look at the California Lighthouse and finish up your adventure relaxing on the white sands at Baby Beach.

  5. Visit Aruba’s Aloe Factory and Museum

    It is the oldest Aloe company in the world. Nowadays the factory produces a large collection of Aloe products that are exported all over the world.

    The tours are complimentary and led by local tour guides. So during your vacation in Aruba you will learn everything about this miracle plant and show all the healthy benefits of it. In the store you can buy your own Aloe products.

  6. Are you a nature lover? Go and see the Butterfly Farm!

    During your visit, you will walk through these amazing tropical gardens and see these delicate creatures fluttering around you. You will be amazed by their colors and beauty.

    Are you a photographer? Than the farm is a must see! Children and anyone who loves nature, will enjoy a visit at the Butterfly Farm. There are guided tours to help you identify the different species and learn you about the life cycles and if you are lucky you may even see butterflies emerging from their chrysalis.
    There is a small admission fee, but it allows you to return as many times as you like during your vacation in Aruba.

  7. Walk around the charming city Oranjestad

    Oranjestad is the capital of the island. You will love the Dutch colonial architecture and the pastel colored buildings with a Spanish and Caribbean twist. You’ll find many great restaurants, shops, museums and entertainment options.

    If you are a shopper, you can visit the Renaissance Shopping Mall with stores like Cartier, Chanel and Gucci.
    Wilhelmina Park is one of the city’s main attractions at the waterfront. In June, September and October many plants are in bloom and you will spot iguanas along the edge of the water.

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