Wariruri Condos Aruba

Wariruri Condos Aruba

What are the best Beaches in Aruba?

what are the best beaches in Aruba
While staying at your Wariruri apartment you will find many beaches only a few minutes away. So put on your swimsuit and get your snorkel gear because here are the best beaches in Aruba!

These are the best beaches in Aruba!

  1. Eagle Beach

    Just 6 minutes drive from Wariruri Condos you will find one of the best beaches of Aruba, Eagle Beach. In 2023 Eagle Beach is Trip Advisor Travelers Choice Award Winner for 2nd best beach in the world! Soft white sand and the widest beach on the island, Eagle beach offers amazing beach huts, shaded areas, variety of water sports and free parking. On the beach you will find the most photographed fofoti trees in Aruba. And you will love the amazing sunsets. fofoti tree aruba
  2. Palm Beach

    This is one of the busiest, most crowded beaches on the island. Here you will find all the mayor hotels of Aruba. Palm beach is filled with cabanas and lounge chairs and the perfect place for water sports, because the sea is calm. For families this is the best beach in Aruba with a variety of cafes and restaurants. Palm beach is only 5 minutes drive from Wariruri apartments with free parking! Wariruri offers a golf cart service to bring you from the apartment to Palm Beach!
  3. Arashi Beach

    You like to get away from the crowds, head to Aruba north to Arashi Beach. Another gorgeous spot on the island with awesome views and a great snorkeling spot. Arashi beach is a little rockier than Eagle Beach or Palm Beach and just a 6 minute drive from your studio apartment rental in Wariruri Condos.
  4. Hadicurari Beach

    This beach is a hotspot for windsurfers and kite surfers. The wind is strong here, so it is perfect for these kind of water sports. You will find a lot of rental facilities and kitesurf schools to take lessons. Even if you’re not a surfer, it is worth a visit to watch the people who really know how to surf! And just 4 minutes away from Wariruri condos.
  5. Renaissance Beach – Pink Flamingo Beach

    The Renaissance Hotel owns a private island with several beaches and a spa. The most popular is Flamingo Beach, named for the flamingos living on that beach. For hotel guests the island is free, but if you’re not a guest, they charge $125 per person. If you want to see the flamingos, make your reservation in advance, there is a limit to the number of guests allowed on the island. A private boat will bring you to the island from the main lobby of the hotel.
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